Heating Oil

Ferrantino Fuel Corporation has been supplying heating oil to customers in the US for more than 80 years. We have built our reputation on being a highly-knowledgeable and professional company that sources high-quality petroleum products from reliable sources. We supply products like #2 and #4 heating oil more efficiently, so your requirements are met without any hassle. With our own fleet of radio-dispatched trucks, we ensure timely deliveries and prompt responses to your site without any delays. You can contact us to talk to one our representative and find out about our fair pricing and more details about the heating oils.

Natural Gas

Natural gas is one of the main necessities of any home. We meet that need with the same product you might get locally but at much better prices. We aim to enable our end-customers to save up to 20% on their utility expenses annually and get the most of the energy that is supplied to their homes. In fact, various former clients using National Grid and Con Ed have already made the switch to FFC Energy and observed significant improvements. Along with high-quality natural gas, we also provide burner service at affordable prices without being obligated to lock a contract. We provide you with diligent work, excellent customer service, and high-performance products. If you want to take advantage of this and much more, contact us to receive a fixed-rate price and more details.


Getting electricity in your home or accommodation can seem very complicated. But FFC does things differently than other electric companies and simplifies electricity for its customers. With FFC you will get your value for your money in terms of cost clarity and billing. We provide high-power and high-quality service to your home or location always electricity without being interrupted. With customer service always ready to solve your queries and high-quality service, we guarantee complete customer satisfaction.

Ultra-Clean Bio FREE Diesel

Our ultra clean bio free diesel is better for your engine and even better for your bottom line. NO-BIO means purer diesel. Diesel fuel is one of the bare necessities for many construction companies, scrap yards, trucking companies, hospitals, boat marinas, etc. as they rely on it to get things done. They need huge amounts of diesel fuel without overpaying for it. Ferrantino’s Ultra-Clean diesel is the most fuel efficient diesel on the market that will help extend the longevity of your equipment. Our on-time deliveries from our own fleet of trucks helps keep your business up and running

Bio Fuels

One of the most important aspects for Ferrantino is being environmentally sustainable. This is what drives them to provide clean-burning and efficient bio fuels. We try to help the environment by reducing the burden on it through a fuel alternative that can be easily used with your current heating equipment. With a company-managed fleet, Ferrantino is focused on creating customer-required solutions that meet the growing demand for bio fuel in the US. We offer a constant and reliable supply of bio fuel along with excellent customer service. You can contact us now to get a rate or more information about our services.